Justification Toolkit

We know making the case to attend a conference can be challenging. Aside from financial considerations, if you’re a lean team, taking a few days away from work can feel impossible. That said, we believe we can fulfill our missions better if we make time for growth and new ideas. We hope these tips and sample letter for your boss will help you justify your Nonprofit Tech Roundup attendance.


  • Emphasize the specific skills you’d like to strengthen or develop at the conference. Connect the projects you’re working on and areas you’re trying to develop with specific conference offerings.
  • Offer to take detailed notes and prepare and deliver a short presentation for your colleagues. That way others in your organization will get the benefits of your attendance as well.
  • Share the conference schedule and speaker bios with your colleagues and engage them in determining which sessions to attend. Offer to meet with speakers of interest and connect them to your organization.
  • Prepare a plan that shows who will cover for you while you are attending the conference.
  • Show that you’re conscious of the costs by finding ways to reduce the expenses, such as taking advantage of the early bird rate, sharing a hotel room, or taking public transportation while at the conference.

Sample Letter


This year we’ve got a ton of projects planned and I am excited to dig into them all. To help me strengthen the skills I’ll need to knock these out of the park and generate new ideas to share with the rest of the team, I’d love to attend the upcoming NM Nonprofit Tech Roundup, held September 7th – 8th at the Hotel Albuquerque.

I think this conference is a great opportunity for us to engage with nonprofit leaders, connect with potential partners/clients, and bring back best practices to the organization. I’m particularly excited about [SPECIFIC SESSION, EVENT, OR TOPIC] which I think will help us [APPLY TO YOUR WORK].

My attendance will cost about [COST], including travel, lodging, and registration. The registration fee includes my entire participation in the conference, as well as some meals. I will ensure my duties are covered while I’m away and will take detailed notes and give a short recap presentation for our team when I return.

Thanks in advance for considering my request. I’d love to chat more about this opportunity and answer any questions you might have!