Session proposals

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the Nonprofit Tech Roundup that will be held September 7-8 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you’re an expert on how nonprofits can effectively use digital tools and strategies to engage their communities and achieve their missions, we want to hear from you.

About the Nonprofit Tech Roundup

This two-day conference is designed to educate, inspire, and prepare nonprofit professionals to implement or advance their organizational strategies and campaigns.

Attendees want to advance their website content development skills, design and evaluate social media and email campaigns, and maximize community engagement—with a heavy focus on practical application.

Many of the attendees come from small or mid-sized organizations, work in rural areas, and address issues facing marginalized communities. The selection group will consider highly presenters whose submissions demonstrate a commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The process

Please complete the form below to share your proposal. Our team will review proposals based on their relevance, alignment to our list of desired topics, and clarity of practical outcomes for participants. We are reviewing and accepting proposals on a rolling basis as applications are submitted, and plan to solidify the full agenda in the coming weeks.

Desired topics

We have identified a list of specific topics that will help us build a balanced and high-quality agenda.

Session types

Case study – 60 min
The session is focused on using a particular example (or two) to illustrate how strategies, technologies, and best practices can be applied. These sessions are most successful when the case study or studies you present are from your own work.

Workshop – 60 min
The session is an opportunity to work through exercises in groups or individually, and apply those learnings to participants’ context. These sessions are most successful when attendees leave with templates or processes they can continue to work on in their office.

Panel – 60 min
The session includes 3 to 4 experts who are able to speak to different perspectives of a topic. It may include a series of smaller presentations, Q&A, etc. These sessions are most successful when speakers have a combination of presentation and discussion.

Presentation – 60 min
The session is primarily focused on sharing information and resources in a classic presentation style with slides. These sessions are most successful when speakers engage the audience throughout the presentation beyond final questions.

Tactical – 30 min
The session has a very tight focus on sharing tips, tools, and resources; for example, “the 5 best tools for…” These sessions are most successful when attendees leave with a specific list of tools or strategies that they can try out.

Session proposal form