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Quick Tips & Tools To Make Your Email Marketing More Effective

Having an overall email marketing strategy is great. Knowing how to segment your lists and create attention grabbing designs are important. Now you want to take your efforts a step further. In this session, we will cover a number of tools, tips, and resources to help you improve the effectiveness of your email efforts. Easy to implement tactics around testing the effectiveness of email subject lines, knowing how your email rates with spam filters and other simple tricks you can implement today.


Norman ReissNorman Reiss
Senior Project Manager/ Salesforce Administrator
Center for Court Innovation

As part of a cross-departmental team, currently oversee the planning, development, and implementation of a case management application to be used at more than 10 courts/projects to enter client assessments and track compliance with court mandates.

Managing multiple Salesforce / Nonprofit Success Pack implementations to track contracts and grants for our Development and Fiscal groups, to track infant/toddlers affected by criminal justice cases and a customized application for an adult diversion program in Brooklyn.

Also managed a re-entry database development for Harlem Community Justice Center and a website design project for Tribal Justice Initiatives.

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Friday, September 8
1:30pm - 2:00pm


Salon B