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Reaching and Working With Low-Connectivity Communities: Strategies for Success

In today’s digital environment, most nonprofits expect to be able to rely on the availability and use of digital technologies in the communities they work in. Yet in many small, rural, or underserved regions of New Mexico, where internet connectivity can be erratic and skills with digital tools more limited, these expectations may be unrealistic. These technical limitations can create barriers for nonprofits in their attempts to establish outreach networks or deliver programming and training in remote, low-connectivity areas.

In this session, we will look at the specific challenges that limitations in online technologies and digital skills can create for nonprofits working in such small, rural areas in the state. We will consider some of the particular obstacles that impact outreach and programming, and discuss strategies for addressing these and other issues of limited connectivity.

Among the particular points we will consider:

  • Adjusting expectations for working in low-connectivity communities
  • Building successful outreach without email or social media
  • Delivering programming with poor internet access and limited IT support

You will leave with a list of specific tools that can help make your work in low-connectivity communities more successful.


Yesenia Soleto 
SmartCause Digital
Yesenia Sotelo is digital skills teacher and web developer. She elevates ambitious nonprofit professionals by teaching them how to use the technology tools of modern marketing. Yesenia can teach you how to use website analytics and search engine optimization to grow your audience. She won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Nonprofit Technology Network for her work teaching digital skills to nonprofit professionals. Find her on twitter as @silverbell or at smartcausedigital.com.

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Thursday, September 7
1:30pm - 2:00pm